Spring on the Farm (originally posted May 2023)


These day-old laying chicks and turkey poults arrived on our farm in April.


Charlie (our one year old livestock guardian dog) is very interested in the poultry on our farm. Click the link below to see him interact with a mother hen and her newly hatched chicks in this video!


The little turkey poults seen above have now grown to the point that they're out exploring the pasture under the protection of Candy, our oldest livestock guardian dog (LGD).


The laying hens are out in a shady spot in the pasture with their "eggmobile" and well protected by a couple of our LGD's.


A few little pigs have arrived on the farm and are being trained to electric fence in our training pen. Soon, they'll be ready to start their pasture rotation in various bush paddocks!  Here, they're enjoying some highly-nutritious comfrey leaves!  


The first of our 2023 calves have arrived with more to come shortly!