Our Farm's Story

Are you looking for food full of flavor as well as nutrition? Are you searching for products that make you feel great? Do you want to achieve a new level of health and vitality?

With our focus on producing high-quality eggs and meat, we can help you achieve your goals of improving your health while eating food that tastes great!

We, Lloyd and Roxane Penner, own a small family farm near Mayerthorpe, Alberta. We moved from Calgary in the summer of 2014, embarking on a new adventure to grow healthier food for ourselves and those around us.  


At Birch Island Farm, we produce food that we ourselves are confident and comfortable eating. To ensure this level of quality, we raise our animals outdoors on fresh pasture, with plenty of sunshine, clean air, and daily fresh greens.

Our animals are raised ethically and without the use of antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, chemical fertilizers, or hormones. The pigs and poultry receive a mixture of grains with the vast majority being certified-organic while the cattle are 100% grass-fed (no grain).

Utilizing a regular pasture rotation for all our animals ensures they have the best and cleanest pasture available, and it also improves the land through intense natural fertilization, with a rest period to follow. The process is nutritious for the animals and healing for the land.

Join us in the adventure and experience the benefit of rich, flavorful food that has ongoing health benefits for you and your family.

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58303 Rge Rd 83

Mayerthorpe, Alberta

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