Changing Seasons on the Farm

As much as we try and deny it, the seasons are changing yet again and winter is starting to show itself.   On the farm it often feels like winter preparations begin as soon as the snow melts in the spring, but as we bid farewell to October and welcome November the pace definitely quickens.

 For example, in addition to changing the vehicle tires over to winter rubber, we have prepared winter feed for the cattle and covered the implements that don’t fit under a roof. 

Bales Nov 2023 RS  Cjpg

The electric fences used for the summer grazing program have come down; more than 3 km of wire and about 350 fence posts.

 We have purchased some organic straw from a local farmer and the pigs are helping to spread it over the garden. This is a new adventure for us as we explore “no till gardening”. Watch for more details about this in the coming months.

Pigs in Straw Nov 2023 RS  Cjpg

The straw provides comfy accommodations for the pigs when the weather gets cold, and they just have fun in it as well.

Of course, we still try and defy the inevitable as much as possible.

Motorbike Nov 2023 RS  Cjpg

But we are thankful for the changing seasons and the variety it provides. Maybe, just maybe, there will be some downtime as the mercury falls while we await the arrival of spring and the new life and adventures that come with it.

 How about you? Are you ready for the colder days ahead? Do you have any particular preparations that make the winter months more bearable?

Lloyd Penner