Monthly Egg Subscription

Monthly Egg Subscription

$7/dozen; If this is currently sold out, please send me a message to get on a waiting list

If you would like to have the assurance of monthly egg delivery to your pick-up site of choice, sign-up for a monthly subscription.  Those with a subscription will be given priority.

Simply choose how many dozen you want each MONTH and submit your order the first month.  It would be most convenient if you would pay by credit card at check-out, and then your card will be charged each month.  Alternatively, if you do not want to use a credit card, we can work out other payment options at pick-up.  

You will receive a monthly reminder before your pick-up date and also receive notification regarding payment.

If you are going away for a few weeks or a month, simply email me at or call/text me at 780-284-4873 to suspend your egg delivery for a short time.  This will keep you in priority order once you're back!

You may cancel your subscription at any time.  Contact Roxane at 780-284-4873 if you have questions.

Our customers LOVE and rave about our delicious eggs!  A carton will contain an assortment of sizes from medium to jumbo.  

Did you know that chickens are omnivores and would never willingly choose a vegetarian diet?!

During the growing season, our laying hens are moved around our pastures in an "egg-mobile" (a converted holiday trailer). The hens spend their days outside, scratching and pecking for bugs and vegetation, The egg-mobile has nesting boxes where the chickens lay eggs, as well as roosting bars which they use at night to roost on. 

Once the chickens are trained to return to the egg-mobile at night, they can be moved all around the different pastures on our property. 

The hens are very useful for cleaning up pastures after the cows have eaten the grass down. The chickens will de-bug the pastures for us, making them cleaner (less parasites) for the next time the cows are rotated around to graze the area! This is a symbiotic relationship, benefitting the laying hens, the cows, and the pasture. 

The delicious, golden-yolked eggs are a by-product of the system.

In addition to the fresh greens and bugs from the pasture, they are fed a GMO-free, mostly-organic mix of fermented grains consisting of wheat, peas, barley, oats, and sunflower seeds.

In the winter when they don't have access to fresh pasture, we bring the hens and egg-mobile into the yard and add greens with the daily addition of sprouted barley (called "fodder") and alfalfa hay.

A carton of our golden-yolked eggs taste better and are healthier than anything you will find in the grocery store.  Try them today!