Pasture-Raised Eggs (Local Only)

Pasture-Raised Eggs (Local Only)

Price Per Dozen Eggs - On-Farm Pickup or Delivered to Mayerthorpe
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Please note that inventory on eggs is challenging to track!  I will contact you if I can't fulfill an order of eggs by your scheduled pick-up date.  For orders of more than 5 dozen, send me an email at or text me at 780-284-4873.

Our customers LOVE and rave about our delicious eggs!  A carton will contain an assortment of sizes from medium to jumbo.  

The laying hens are raised on pasture and regularly rotated to fresh grass.  They spend their days scratching and pecking around for bugs and vegetation.  In addition, they are fed a GMO-free, mostly-organic mix of fermented grains (wheat, peas, barley, oats, sunflower seeds) and fodder (sprouted barley greens).  Did you know that chickens are omnivores and would never willingly choose a vegetarian diet?!

A carton of our golden-yolked eggs taste better and are healthier than anything you will find in the grocery store.  Try them today!